Fail to sell

The world’s largest uncut diamond Lesedi La Rona a 1,109 carat, by Lucara Diamond Corp. put up for auction at Sotheby’s in London, failed to sell.
The gem size like a tennis ball was estimated more than $70 million, but trading was stopped after the price couldn’t overcome the mark of $61 million.

Diamond was found in November 2015 Karowe mine in Botswana. The original gem weighed was 1,500 carat, but then as reported in company, it split into two parts.

Lesedi la Rona is now the largest diamond in the world. It’s inferior only gem which mined in 1905 in South Africa. The diamond Cullinan, who originally weighed more than 3,106 carat, but that diamond was split into many pieces.

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